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Association Management FAQ

Association Management General

  • What kinds of communities do you provide association management services for?
Ashoka Lion provides association management services for homeowner, condominium, and town home associations in the Houston and Dallas area.  We provide on-site and and off-site association management proposals. If you are interested in these services, please send us a request for proposal, so we can fully evaluate your community's needs.
  • How do homeowners report repair request?
Homeowners that live in the Associations that Ashoka Lion manages in the Houston and Dallas area have multiple ways to put in repair request:

  • Written Notice Via Your Homeowner Portal: Put in a written repair request through your homeowner portal. If you own multiple units in a association or associations, then you will have a drop down menu appear after you initially log in, You will have to log in to one unit to make a repair request. 
  • Call our Offices: Homeowners can put in calls to our office for emergency matters (immediate danger to the property or persons). If the request is not a emergency, we may request a written request. The homeowner's written request help us validate all repair expenses incurred on behalf of the association. 
  • Fax in Written Request: Put in a written request via our fax line at 1-866-466-0319. 
  • Mail a written proposal:  Homeowners can send in written notices to our mail fulfillment center.
             (Association Name)
             c/o Ashoka Lion
             2885 Sanford Ave, SW
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