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Ashoka Lion's Association Management Vendor Hub

Ashoka Lion's hub for vendors allows vendors to manage their relationship with the Ashoka Lion property management firm while performing repairs and/or doing other work for our Associations in the Dallas and Houston area.

Vendor Tools include:
  • Vendor Ledger to help vendors review your bills and payment processing history
  • Vendors can get work orders sent via e-mail
  • Vendors can track their work orders with updates about when jobs are scheduled, provide estimates, etc.
  • Vendors can also review all documentation including insurance, licenses, and payment information on file
  • Vendors can provide banking information and payments can be sent ACH by our property management payable team
Since vendors will be performing work for multiple associations or investment clients, it is important that you clearly label what Houston or Dallas Association that you are providing services for and referencing our work order number provided to you. If you do not provide clear documentation of the association, then vendor payments will be delayed.