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At Ashoka Lion, we realize that all board members are volunteers and have their own personal lives and jobs. We believe that the role between an Association management company and the board should be a working partnership to help alleviate the stress and tension that comes with the management of a community.  We understand that the partnership between the management company and the community aims to enhance the quality of their lives, and our firm strives to take away as many of the tedious day-to-day issues as possible.
Ashoka Lion's responsive property managers and efficient use of technology provide an association management solution that helps give boards of the Associations tools that meet the various needs of their community. Our firm strives to provide cost-efficient, proactive, and responsive association management services for our clients in the Houston and Dallas area.

To help you understand our service model, we have provided a breakdown of the services that we provide under "Association Management Highlights" section. Our firm provides full service association management services that include collecting association dues, financial reporting, book keeping, association liaison, to homeowner, property inspections, coordinating repairs or renovations, and other duties required in the day to day management. In addition, we work with legal counsel and CPA firms to insure that the legal and tax compliance issues are handled in an appropriate and timely manner.

However, we understand that many associations will find similar services at other association management companies in the Houston and Dallas area, so we have provided a page of our "Association Management Team Benefits" page that highlights tools or program that differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Many association management companies perform similar duties, but we are confident that very few companies offer it in the same manner or with the depth of tools provided in our standard association management proposal.